Project management

  • Analyze, evaluate, design, develop.
  • Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, monitoring, and closing down a project.
  • Meet the goals that have been agreed upon.
  • Finish project on time and on budget.

Motor Control and Power Distribution

  • Custom motor control centers (MCC)
  • We can add AC Drives, PLC’s, HMI’s, and any pushbutton operator to suite your needs.

OEM Collaboration Programs

  • Epic can build the whole machine or just do the electrical controls.
  • We’re here to make our clients successful.

Drive & Drive Systems

  • Epic loves drives. AC, DC, Servo, or Stepper.
  • Fluent in all brands of drives.
  • Experts in drive system control.
  • Continuous coordinated drive web control.
  • Stand alone drive systems.

Machine & Electrical Safety Solutions

  • Design a safety plan for machine.
  • Install light curtains, scanners, gates, light towers, emergency stop circuits, etc.

Instrument Selection & Design

  • Select and install gauges and instruments of all types.
  • Flow, pressure, mass flow, temperature, humidity, salinity, etc.
  • CSST Level 1 certified